Attention Investors!!

Stop living on an island
in your real estate business and join an army of investors who maximize their marketing, create two (2) new streams of income, enjoy instant credibility, all without spending any more time , money or energy…

Dear fellow real estate investor,

Do you…

…feel all alone in your business?

…get tired of throwing dead leads in the trash can?

…wish you had more options to help sellers, and make money?

…need new sources of recurring marketing money?

…want to join forces with an army of investors, but have zero competition in you territory?

…wish you could create new streams of income with the same leads?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions,
then welcome to a new day!

Finally, an investor network that is affordable, gives instant credibility, maximizes marketing, creates new streams of income,
and that’s just for starters!

Introducing! is the Next Generation of Investor Networks, with a Nationwide Army of Collaborative Lead Generation partners that creates Multiple Streams of Income.

In short is the next big thing in real estate investing.

But wait…I’m getting way ahead of my self. First let me tell you how was started.

Billy SpeakingMy name is Billy O'Neal. Six years ago I found myself flat on my back temporarily disable with back surgery and broke. I was 39 years old, worked hard for 20 years but had nothing to show for it. I lived paycheck to paycheck. I remember crying out to God saying “there’s got to be a better way. If you will show me a better way, I’ll do it!” A friend of mine gave me the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and as they say, the rest is history!

Starting with $3,000 and bad credit, I purchased over 100 homes in less than 36 months using none of my own money or credit! I went from nothing to becoming a millionaire! I give God all the glory. What he has done in my life, he can do for anyone and more, if they adopt Kingdom Wealth Principles!

Well as you can imagine, people who saw this transformation wanted to know more, so we developed education, training, and coaching programs that have helped literally hundreds of investors either buy their first house or take their business to the next level.

But, I always knew deep down inside there had to be more…

You see, we are training and coaching investors from LA to North Carolina, and from Florida to Buffalo NY, and we have tons of testimonials of the success stories, but there was something missing. All of our students cranked their businesses up, mostly from scratch, and started the process of marketing and investing all on their own in their own part of the country. Everyone was on their own island! There had to be a better way.

And that’s how was born. Instead of all of us doing our own thing, we can market knowing everything we do benefits not only us, but the rest of the team. We are connected daily, with everything we do, every penny we spend. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves!

In every business, every business, the goal is to generate leads,
then convert those leads to sales. The real estate investment business is no different. Here is an illustration of how we all do business

Without the new Territory Affiliate System

We are all on an island doing our own marketing throwing away all the leads of the houses we can’t buy!

With the new we all market the same domain name and drive all leads to one site,, and exponentially increase the number of hits on the site.
This drive up our search engine results which benefits us all!

Now look at how we market using
The new Territory Affiliate System

Together we can generate more traffic to one site than any ONE person could do on their own!

Once the lead goes to, they choose their state and county or zip code and then the seller's info is forwarded directly to you!

It’s brilliant! No, it’s a divine idea!


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All of us working together to drive up search engine results, but instead of competing, we are partners! Once you license the domain in a territory, you are the only affiliate in that territory!

Check out all of the benefits of becoming a affiliate! Affiliate Benefit # 1

Exclusive use of the domain
(Value-$299 per month)

The use of the internet in real estate investing cannot be overstated. It’s critical!

Soon, most of our leads will come from the internet!

We are living in the INFORMATION AGE

Think about it for a minute. Most people use the internet to research before making a decision.

Buying and selling Real Estate is no different!

When you become an affiliate, you recieve a license to use of #1 domain in the industry in your territory, I believe there is no better domain than this. It says what it does. It’s short and easy to remember. It’s so valuable; I’ve been offered money from folks wanting to buy it from me. It transcends industries. People remember it! When people find out that I am the sell2day guy they say oh yea, I’ve seen your signs before. will give you instant credibility! Starting from the first day you are in business, you are big time! No more

When the affiliates drive traffic to the same website, we increased the number of hits on the site exponentially, which in turn increases our search engine status, dramatically!

Together we can do much more than being on an island! I don’t care how much traffic you generate, you can not generate more than hundreds, soon to be thousands of investors marketing all at the same time to the same website!

And search engine status benefits us all! No matter where a lead comes from, if they go to your territory, you get the sale! For instance, a seller can find out about in another county or even another state, but if they are selling a house in your territory, you get the lead! Affiliate Benefit # 2

Marketing Efforts are Supercharged
(Value- $49 per month)

Gone are the days of designing all the marketing materials needed to market. affiliates have exclusive access to Proven Marketing Materials! Business cards, post cards, bootleg signs and more are all designed with proven formats that work.

Flip the switch on your Marketing Machine! Spend time on marketing, not setting up all of your marketing.
Each affiliate gets a sample box of many of the different marketing pieces that are ready to use when you get them.

Just flip the switch and turn on your buying machine!

And when you need more marketing materials, just fax in the order form and more are on the way! affiliates have increased buying power because we buy in volume and pass the savings on to our affiliates.

And remember, with every marketing move you make, every ad you take out in the paper, EVERYTHING YOU DO HELPS YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE SELL2DAY.COM NATION!


ZIP Code Requested Affiliate Benefit # 3

Get Paid to Info Market to Leads
(Value-$149 per month)

Stop throwing dead leads away! You paid too much to market to generate these leads!
Turn your dead leads into cash!

How? By offering sellers products they may need IN ADDITION TO buying their house!

Here is a brand new stream of income!

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything more than you already do! does the rest. We market and sell information products to these “no go” leads and and when they buy any of the many available products from the website, you get 20%!

This is a completely new technique unheard of before!

We have information products ready to ship that address some of the most pressing issues that face many customers trying to sell a home and/or trying to buy a home.

Why is this good thing? Because investors typically only buy 1%-3% of the leads they generate! What do they do with the other 97%-99% of the leads?

They throw them away! And if you throw them away…

You are throwing away money!

But, by offering these leads other products that may interest them, we are maximizing
our marketing!

Instead of just buying houses, now markets to ALL leads an endless supply of products AT NO COST TO YOU, THE INVESTOR, via the internet. You do nothing more. does it all!

By offering other products, has created a “customer for life” that we can sell to instead of throwing this lead in the trash! What a revolutionary concept!

The first product we are offering teaches sellers how to sell their home using alternative financing (probably the most pressing issue in today’s economy), meaning that we give step-by-step instructions on the proper legal way to sell a home without dealing with banks.

We have named it “Sell2Day for Homeowners

  • The cost to the homeowner is $497 up front and 2% of the final sales price when sold.
  • Example: $150,000 House: Their cost is $497 up front and then another $3,000 when sold.
  • Your Affiliate’s split (20%) $99.40 + $ 600!!!!!!!!
  • That may not sound like a lot of money, but it’s more than you were making off of them if you were throwing them in the trash! It’s FOUND money! And it can add up! Compare that to throwing away leads, then multiply it times ten, a hundred, or a thousand leads thrown away each year. How many of those would generate a commission for you at no extra time or cost?

And this is just the beginning! We’ll offer more products as the market dictates.

Some of the other products that are in the pipeline are:

CheckboxStaging homes to sell
CheckboxCredit repair
CheckboxInvesting in real estate
CheckboxAnd many more to come…The list is endless! Affiliate Benefit # 4

Get Paid to Recruit Affiliates
(Value-$79 per month)

Here is another new stream of income!

When you tell other investors about and they join the team, you get paid!

How much? A whopping 20% of sales that comes through them!

Checkbox20% of affiliate fees they pay and
Checkbox20% of all information products they sell

This could be a tidy sum each month.

Plus you also get 10% of everything sold through their recruits!

That’s right; you get paid on two affiliate levels:
Checkbox20% on the first level (everyone you recruit) and
Checkbox10% on the 2nd level (everyone they recruit)

But remember, these are new streams of income generated by
marketing you are doing to buy homes already!

No new marketing time or money is invested by you to create these streams!

It’s found money!

And remember, you are not competing with other affiliates. We are working together!

So, the more the merrier!

The more affiliates that are marketing in the army, the more we all benefit!
The more marketing pointed to the site, the more hits the site gets. The more hits the higher the search engine ranking. The higher the ranking, the more we all win!

More affiliates=More money


ZIP Code Requested Affiliate Benefit # 5

Networking Opportunities

This is the first of many benefits that I believe will continue to pop up as grows. The relationships that will be built and strengthened through meeting people with the same core values, that are doing what you do is huge.

Already we have seen people who have been brought together via that never knew each other in the past. Some of these new contacts will be life changing!

Divine Connections/Golden Connections

By bringing people together in the same geographical area, they connect and the opportunity is there to find:

CheckboxJoint Venture Partners
CheckboxPrivate Lenders

You can also share information to build your dream team of professionals needed in real estate investing.

CheckboxInsurance Agents
CheckboxContractors, and more

You can also synergize about techniques and strategies that are unique to your area or customers. Affiliate Benefit # 6

Keep your existing Real Estate Business
(Value-Priceless!) is designed to help generate more leads and maximize marketing money invested.

We do not get into your business!

Once the leads pass through the website, it’s up to you whether you want to buy that house or not. And if you do buy a house…

You keep 100% of ALL the profits!


ZIP Code Requested Affiliate Benefit # 7

Use of “the” Best Real Estate Websites in the Industry
(Value-$199 per month)

When a lead is driven to the website, that lead is directed to the state, county, and zip code of where they live via a drop down box. When they click on the county or zip where they live, they are automatically directed to a personal, professional, state of the art website that represents your company alone.

This website is awesome!

It’s powerful. It’s professional. Bottom line, it works!

These website were developed custom for me and my real estate business to:

CheckboxWork 24/7 to leverage my time.

  • Systems, systems,s ystems! In other words, let the technology work for you rather than you trying to reinvent the wheel for everything from contact management to auto-responders and more.

CheckboxEducate the customer about what we do

  • Gone are the days of spending your valuable time saying the same thing to sellers over and over and over. Instead you’ll have the tools to get them the data they need so they can make a decision to do business with you.

CheckboxCondition the customer to expect a low offer

  • Face it, we don’t have the time to talk to unmotivated sellers. If they don’t want to sell at a price that is profitable to you, then you can direct them to and give them the opportunity to purchase any of the products on -  products that you will be getting a commission on!

CheckboxEstablish credibility

  • An online presence is critical in the information age!

CheckboxGather and manage contact information

  • The powerful back office of our websites gathers contact information so that we can market our other products (and you’ll still get the commissions even if they don’t buy immediately since you provided the lead).

CheckboxGather and manage information about their house

  • Automatically gathers critical information, including pictures, and manages that information so you can be organized.

CheckboxAutomatically generate sales contracts

  • Using information gathered, a contract can be generated using the criteria you choose to by a house with! All experts agree…

You buy houses by making offers!

Send Auto-Responders (pre written emails)
Most houses are purchased on the 3rd to 7th contact! Almost never on the first. By staying in front of your sellers, they are more likely to call you first when they are ready to make a move!
Our websites send these messages automatically, saving you time and money and increasing your conversion rates!
This feature alone could cost you $ 49 per month!

Websites are critical in any business, but especially in our business. Our website delivers the best value over any other investor website I have ever seen!


ZIP Code Requested Affiliate Benefit # 8

Ongoing Education and Training
(Value-$149 per month) affiliate enjoy affiliate-only webinars and teleseminars to learn and grow your business. These classes are taught by me and by other V.I.P. coaches and deliver valuable insights to grow you business!

You will also be invited to special live events as they are scheduled to network with the Nation!

And, whenever new stuff is introduced, you will be the first to take advantage of it! Affiliate Benefit # 9

Become a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

One of the biggest benefits of is we are connected to something bigger than ourselves!

No More Islands!

Everything you do in your business has the potential to help every other affiliate.

We are connected!

But here’s the BIG Question you’re probably thinking to yourself Right Now...
At this point you must be thinking,

"How much will a territory cost me?"

Between the unlimited use of the domain in your territory, Supercharging you Marketing, getting paid to info market to sellers, getting paid to recruit other affiliate investors, introduction to golden connections, keeping 100% of your real estate business profits, exclusive use of the best investor websites, valuable ongoing education and training, and becoming a vital part of something bigger than yourself, the value of the Affiliate Program comes to $924 Per Month!

And if you think about it, you really only have two options ...


Stay on your island. YOU keep going at the same pace in your real estate business. Slow and methodical. Hoping you are building a business that will start spitting out money sometime in the future.
YOU pay the big bucks to get leads and maybe you can convert 1 out of 100 and throw the rest of them in the trash can.


Join the army and leverage all your time, money, and energy into a system that can pay dividends well beyond what ANYONE could do on their own! Create multiple streams of income. Become of the next big thing in investing for just $69 per month


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You heard right, only $69 per month!
In all honesty, I don't know how we can make this anymore
of a no-brainer.

This is truly a ground floor opportunity!

I don’t know how long this price will stay this low. Price subject to increase ay any time, but you are locked in for at least one year at this low, low introductory offer!

Don’t delay because it’s first come first serve.
Once a territory is gone, it’s gone!

Once this goes viral, it will spread like crazy!

Territories are sold by county if available, and then split up by zip code. Hurry and get your county before someone else does!



I look forward to joining forces with you!

I call you all blessed!

Billy O’Neal


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There has never been a better time to invest in real estate! With record foreclosures, a stagnant/dead retail real estate market, crisis in secondary mortgage industry, and increasing credit crisis building…opportunity abounds!

We are living in the biggest transfer of wealth in history!

Real estate as we know will never be the same! The internet is changing the way EVERY industry does business, and real estate is no different. was created to take advantage of the opportunity created by the internet in real estate investing.


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Hurry. As the word gets out, more territories are gobbled up. Don’t miss your chance to claim your county or zip!


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